The illusion of cure in healthcare

Let’s look at the definition of the word “cure.” Cure- to relieve a person of the symptoms of a disease or condition. This is actually a fair definition of the word. However, in our current healthcare model I believe that we impose a much different concept of the word “cure.” There seems to be this definitive assumption created around the concept of cure when we speak to patients about their health. When someone comes into the clinic, they are often looking for a “cure.” They are looking to typically take something that will make their symptoms go away. This is the illusion that has been manufactured in modern medicine. The illusion that if your symptoms have ceased to express themselves, then you are cured of your disease. I am asking that you take a moment to think about this concept and ask yourself the difficult question with regards to cause and effect.

Let us start with an easy example. A person has a headache. They find that if they take Advil and their headache goes away, then in essence the headache is cured. Now let’s say they decide to do something more natural and drink water which makes their headache go away, now in essence the headache is also cured. With regard to the concept of cause and effect, we would say that obviously the person does not have a headache due to a Advil deficiency. We could say that they have a headache because they are dehydrated and that does seem to be a little more in line with the concept of cause and effect. And we could even then say that if you stayed hydrated, you will have cured your headaches. Right? Wrong! The headache was the effect. It was the reaction of the body to a state of dehydration (in this example at least). But the person did not cure their headaches simply by drinking water. They merely changed the expression of the body by making a choice that improved function. I am going to go out on a limb and state that there is really no such thing as cure. Let’s look at one more example of a condition to see how this applies. Let us say that someone has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. The patient decides to go get the tumor removed and do 6 rounds of chemotherapy. After this treatment (and 5 years of the tumor not reoccurring), the patient will be labeled as cured. On the other hand, let’s say the patient does not do conventional treatment but rather changes their diet, takes herbs and improves their lifestyle, and this makes their tumor go away. Are they now cured? No, not in my opinion.

In both cases above, I would advocate for the first person drinking water and the second person working on diet and lifestyle. But the important concept is that cure will never happen. Now this can seem like a little bit of a downer. But make no mistake about it that both individuals can be free of their symptoms and never experience them again. So how is that done if they are not cured of their symptoms? That answer lies in understanding how the body works.

When a headache or a tumor are created, they are the end result to a process that has been occurring in the body.  The tumor and the headache have both been created as a management system within the body to adapt to a changing environment. So the only real way to improve those symptoms is to move the environment back to a baseline where it no longer needs that type of reaction state. So then will the person be cured? No. Cure is not the right concept. We are deceiving people in medicine to suggest the concept, and that it can be obtained.

Symptoms in the body will not reoccur as long as the environmental change within the body is sustained. That environment has to be maintained through the individual’s choices and continual change of perspective on how they perceive what is happening in the front of them (this plays into their stress).

If the environment changes, the symptoms will ceases to occur. If the environment is recreated, the symptoms will come back. I would not call that cure. I would call that ….. (I do not know yet).

Work on your health to make the appropriate changes to improve your self-care. Do not be deceived by the illusion of cure. Understand that health is a lifelong process that will move you towards and away from your potential, but always understand that if you continue to support movement within the mind and body, you will be OK.


Naturopathic physician who is educating people about their health in order to empower them to practice self care.