Paleolithic diet, no grain diet. Is it good for me?

 You may be asking yourself what it the problem with grains? I thought that grains were good for me, well at least whole grains. There are a few different problems with grain. First, grain is a primary source carbohydrate which converts into sugar. For most people, our diets are heavy in carbohydrate which means we are getting to much sugar into our systems. Sugar is the single greatest nutritional obstacle for creating optimal health. I just read a great article in the Oregonian about the correlation between food and addiction. You may not think it but most people are addicted to the food they eat. And the primary problem is sugar. Sugar is a stimulant and creates an endorphin response in the body. This endorphin response is short lived but it causes the person consuming it to want more. As sugar levels rise in the body, immune system function decreases, inflammation increases and it puts you down the road to chronic disease. Do yourself a favor and start creating awareness around the amount of grain/carbohydrate/sugar you consume. This is a good first step to getting things back on track for you and your health.

Keep breathing,  Dr. Buttler

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