Elimination is the cornerstone in the treatment of cancer.

Elimination is the cornerstone in the treatment of cancer.

What does the word elimination mean in the context of our bodies physiology? The first way to answer this question is to understand the different ways our body releases byproducts of metabolism. The first was is through our colon by way of bowel movements. The second is our lungs by way of breathing. The third is our kidneys by way of urination. The fourth is our skin by way of sweating. The last is our liver. Our liver is our organ of elimination, constantly filtering the blood and purifying the body’s fluids and tissues.
When we talk about the treatment of cancer, we must ask ourselves how do we help the body regain a balanced immune system? Cancer by definition is uncontrolled growth. A balanced immune system keeps cells from reaching this state. When a person develops cancer, their immune system can no longer facilitate this important function. Effectively helping people eliminate properly is the number one way to recreate this balance.
When I work with my patients who have cancer, this is the cornerstone of my treatment. If I can help the body properly remove byproducts of metabolism, it drastically improves the effectiveness of cancer therapies (whether it is synthetic or natural).
When treating my patients, I always keep in mind the concept that the body has an ability to heal itself. Cancer is a disease that needs to be addressed on many different levels but the first and most important aspect is helping the body eliminate properly. This is what will start the healing process.

Jesse I Buttler, ND

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