The importance of exercise!

Fun in the sun!

The long summer days are finally here and soon the days at the beach or by the water will be calling you and your swimsuit.  So many people go for the crash course of dieting and working out until you drop, but this can be damaging and short-lasting for your body.  If you haven’t exercised in a while, it can feel intimidating to get out there and get your body in shape.  Thankfully, here are some great tips and advice for how to ease into the exercise and make it last.  Nutrition, hydration, supplementation,  sleep and exercise strategies all play a role in the way your body will react to the new invigorating jumping jacks and push-ups.

For people who haven’t worked out in a while or even people who regularly work out, but have stopped for a couple weeks, getting back into the groove can take some time.  It is important to listen your body when you begin exercising. Remember to take small breaks often. Frequent workouts with yoga or a medicine ball for overall strength training can benefit your body in almost any sport and improve core strength and balance.  Plan a regular schedule for your workouts and if you can, find a workout partner to provide extra motivation.  Include at least 30 min. of aerobic exercise 4-5 times per week as this will have more beneficial effect than sporadic intense workouts.
Having fun and getting outside is part of summer and you should make it part of your exercise program.  Fresh air and nature can bring energy, insight, and inspiration to your life and well-being.  Hiking, jogging, and outdoor yoga are all great ways to change up your workout routine.
Keep your muscles going!
All of this new exercise can have great demands on your body and require more minerals and vitamins than you can include in your diet.  It may be wise to supplement with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.    Magnesium is found mostly in the bone and in the muscles and is also needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in your body!  Your naturopath can help you determine which combination and strength of supplement will be sufficient for your body’s needs.

Remember to stay hydrated especially when exercising outdoors.  The FDA recommends half of your body weight in ounces of water be consumed daily.  For example; if you weigh 150lb. you should drink 75oz. of water daily.

Movement is the essence of life, keep moving and you will keep living.

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