Reduce your Vitamin D intake in the summer time!

Reduce your Vitamin D intake in the summer time!


Are you taking vitamin D? If so you should be reducing your intake during the summer months. How come? Vitamin D is a synthesized in your body when your skin comes in contact with ultra-violet (UV) light.  During the winter months, the amount of UV light that we get is minimal compared to the amount that we optimally need. During the summer months, June-September, the UV light is strong enough to adequately give us the right amount of vitamin D. 

            If you are taking Vitamin D during the summer months, you begin down regulating your body’s ability to produce it on its own. A favorite phrase of mine is “the body is all about conservation”. If you are taking something that your body produces on its own, it will down regulate the correct enzymatic pathways for production. This will in essence, reduce your ability to create vitamin D for your future needs.  This is a reason why sunscreen is not really the best option either. Sunscreen will also disturb your body’s ability to synthesize vitamin D. Rather than using sunscreen, consider covering up.  Not to long ago this is what everyone did and you want to know the interesting thing, we had less skin cancer then as well.


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