Ten Objections to Manifesting a Healthy and Abundant Life

At my clinic, I see patients from every walk of life and I have successfully treated almost every major health concern you can imagine. Some patients seem able to follow my treatment recommendations with an almost enviable ease. Others find it very difficult to gain or maintain momentum to reach their health goals. Most of us are somewhere in between. Why is it easier to find reasons to justify why we aren’t prioritizing our health than to actually just do it?

Here are the ten most common reasons people seem to give when asked this question. It is my opinion that these beliefs are limiting and work against your best interest. Don’t hold yourself back from creating a self-care routine that makes you feel empowered and fulfilled.

I don’t have the personal knowledge to make the correct lifestyle choices.
I have spent years learning how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to teach it to others. You have the power to choose to learn. If you are open to learning, my personalized treatment plans will guide you along an easy-to-follow path. My treatment plans are structured in a manner that gives each and every patient the information needed to bring independence to their life.

You have the choice to avoid illness, depression, and the all too common dependency on pharmaceutical medications and surgery as your only treatment options.

I don’t have the time to take appropriate care of myself.
We all live in a world with 24 hours in a day. What we do with that time is up to us. When you think about what is really important to you—and what you miss out on when you don’t feel well—you can begin to understand that spending the time to feel good will be worth it. Asking yourself “Why do I want to be healthy?” is the foundation of prioritizing your self care.

My family won’t be on board with the changes I will need to make.
To some people this sounds like a silly thought, but for others it is a real concern. You would certainly think that all family members would be on board. However, in some situations a spouse or family member may be negative toward your new enthusiasm. This usually comes down to a lack of understanding of what your lifestyle recommendations entail, as well as some distrust as to whether this approach will really work.It may help to steer those family members to our website.
Without taking the time to learn about my approach and proven success, it is only human nature to be cautious. Once familiarizing themselves, you will not only get support, but an accountability partner to help ensure your success.

Eating right is too hard and expensive.
If you have not been eating healthy foods, you may already understand how expensive eating badly can be. Health gets worse, energy fails, and medical bills can get out of control with each year that toxic food is a part of your life. Like any habits, there are good and bad. Once you develop a habit, it can be a challenge to change or alter it. Fortunately, once a good habit is developed it is also hard to break.
I would challenge anyone to compare grocery bills of a cart full of healthy food compared to one full of junk! And speaking of expense, this is not just a financial term. Losing out on joys and experiences in life because you’re not feeding your body nutritious foods is a terrible and unnecessary expense.

I can’t afford a long-term treatment plan individualized to my health care needs.
Most people recognize the importance of an education, whether this is high school, college, or even an online education. It’s widely accepted that this is an investment that must be made in order to have the best insurance of meeting your financial needs. The return on this financial investment can materialize into a very secure and abundant life.
Although there are situations in life where funding higher education can seem impossible, we witness people every day finding solutions to “get it done.” These individuals simply think differently. They do not accept anything less than their full potential. I am suggesting that your health should be viewed as at least as valuable as your career and your financial situation. How long can you work at your career if you are sick? What value is wealth if you do not have the health and vitality to enjoy it?

I’m afraid that proper lifestyle changes might isolate me from my friends and family.
It is true that not all of your friends will share your newly found optimism toward taking control of your health. Friends who do not place a high priority on their health will often downplay healthy lifestyle choices. Although they do not mean any negative intent, this behavior is sabotaging. We can help you by discussing some tips to divert this behavior in a non-confrontational manner. In the end, those who truly care for you will support your decision to place your health as a priority.

My other doctors may not approve.
I will always be open and willing to work with any doctor or health professional you currently have. They also should be open and willing to do the same, if the goal is to optimize health and improve lifestyle choices. This includes reducing and/or eliminating unnecessary medications. Of course, as with all health decisions, the final decision is always yours.

I don’t have the self-discipline to make permanent changes.
Self-discipline is not a trait that we are born with, but one that is developed over time through life experience. As your actions result in the changes you want to see, it will be easier for you to keep up those changes. We could call this self-discipline, or we could look at it as practicing good habits that get easier over time. In this case, as in all cases, practice makes… well, maybe not perfect, but better and better and better.
Self-discipline is also strengthened with accountability held by loved ones, a friend, or a mentor. The staff at my clinic along with myself will support you through these changes.

What happens if I commit to a lifestyle program and then hate the experience and give up?
Life is a series of ups and downs. We do not always enjoy the duties required for the end result we are seeking. It’s funny how these duties or actions can initially seem to be difficult or “no fun,” but later take on an uplifting emotion. This is because we come to recognize the most meaningful successes we have in life come from such actions.
Having a successful marriage; raising children; optimizing our health and becoming financially independent all require discipline and actions that sometimes have us wanting to “give up and quit.” Those of us who continue to play the game are allowed the pleasures of earned rewards. But in the end, I will support you in all decisions that you choose to make.

I don’t have the personal confidence to take action.
Confidence is something that we all have, but can be hidden at times given how we have been supported throughout our lives. We are here to mentor you and support you. We do not judge or chastise. We offer an environment in which anyone, at any level, can feel comfortable and genuinely cared for.

Taking the first steps even when we feel unsure is true courage. As we continue to develop our skills from taking these bold steps, we become less fearful. We realize that we can influence our own outcomes and take control of our health and our lives. As you become a veteran in the art of wellness, you too will become very confident.

You’ve already taken the first step just by being here. The rest will come with time and practice, and we will be here for you every step of the way.


(Adapted from Christina Bergstrom 2016)

Naturopathic physician who is educating people about their health in order to empower them to practice self care.