Understanding the adverse effects of birth control on your health

Are you taking birth control pills or using an IUD to manage a health concern? If you are, consider asking yourself the question, how are these hormones affecting my health? Often times the reason why women go on birth control is because they are dealing with increased menstrual flow, increased uterine cramping, acne, weight gain, depression, etc…. So if birth control can benefit all of these symptoms, then why wouldn’t a women take it? Lets take a look at that.

When a women starts taking exogenous (hormone that is not produced in the body) hormones, she begins down regulating the production of her own endogenous (the hormones you make in your body) hormones. This will often benefit symptoms initially because there is a decrease in overall hormone function resulting in less symptoms. But what happens over time is that your glandular tissue begins reproducing hormone and there becomes a greater hormone imbalance that takes place. This will lead to changing the dose or the type of birth control all together.

You must begin to understand that when you are dealing with symptoms, it is not the result of imbalanced  hormone that you are not getting. The symptoms are caused by your body’s inability to metabolize and make adequate hormone. This is an important point because if you do not address why the body can not make adequate hormone then you will never change the way the body functions and you will continue to have an imbalanced hormone system.

So WHY might you not be making adequate hormones? Well lets take a look at that. Usually when you are dealing with menstruation problems it is because your liver is overloaded and it has a difficult time conjugating hormone (making it active or inactive) and metabolizing through the hormone after it has been released into the body. Now we have to ask WHY again. So, why might your liver be overloaded? Because you are consuming increased amounts of toxicity (sugar, bread, coffee, fast food, candy, gluten, dairy, etc….). So, why are you consuming increased amounts of toxicity? Because you don’t feel good, you have low energy, you are not getting what you want in your life, you are worrying about things you do not have control over, or you are just STRESSED! You may be catching onto a them here.

You always have to ask the question, why are things happening in my body? What am I doing that maybe contributing to these concerns? How can I begin changing what I am doing? What is the benefit of doing so? Remember that health is not found in drug, a pill, a herb or a vitamin. Your health is found in you. You have full control over what you decide to do in your life and the choices that you make regarding your health.

You deserve the highest level of health. As long as we continue to treat the symptoms with out addressing the cause, it will become increasing harder to reach your optimal health. Start asking WHY, and see what happens.   Dr.Buttler

Health Tip- a menstruating women is a healthy women. Menstruation is not a disease, so do not treat it like one.

Naturopathic physician who is educating people about their health in order to empower them to practice self care.