The bio-identical hormone option!

Bio-identical hormones are a great option for women who are dealing with symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood changes. When these symptoms are arising in the body, they are occurring due to the low production of both progesterone and estrogen. This is typical for a women around the time of menopause when these hormones are being reduced in the body. The conventional use of synthetic hormones such a Premarin has shown to carry significant side efffects such as heart disease and other heart related issues. The use of bio-identical hormones has a much lower side effect profile with very minimal concern with use.

Bio-identical hormones are also a good treatment for improving osteopenia (lower bone density)  and osteoporosis. The replacement of these hormones prevents the break down of bone that can happen during menopause. Because bio-identical hormones are much easier for the body to process than synthetic hormones, they do not create disruption in other parts of the body.

Bio-identical hormones have also been found to improve a woman’s mood especially around the time of menstruation. When there is agitation, irritability or any other imbalanced emotional state that is occurring, the use specifically of bio-identical progesterone can have a significant improvement on mood.

Women are the not the only ones who can benefit from bio-identical hormone therapy. Men also can receive great improvement in energy level, mood and libido when using testosterone as a bio-identical hormone therapy.

There are simple blood and saliva tests that need to be ran in order to determine where your hormone levels are at to decide if this would be a appropriate treatment for you.

Consider the possibilities of improving your overall health by using bio-identical hormone therapy.

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