Remind yourself to take care of yourself

Too often in our lives are we concerning ourselves with the business of others, rather than taking care of what is most important: which is ourselves. This tendency distracts us from our own needs, and we begin sacrificing our health to address events that we often have no control over.  Does this sound familiar?

I believe that this one concept causes a great deal of suffering in our society. Our concerns over others are a very noble cause, but only when it is backed up by a healthy and robust individual who is capable of contributing to ease the suffering.  If a person who is suffering tries to help another person who is suffering, this is really a definition of enabling. The sympathetic environment that is created in commiseration will allow the pattern of suffering to continue.

When people practice self care, such as proper nutrition, movement, breathing, hydration, etc… their ability to tolerate and ease suffering dramatically increases. The healing of yourself is hands down the best way that you can contribute to the healing of others.

Take a step towards helping yourself and others by working with someone who pushes you to make a plan of self care and become successful with it!

Remember, remind yourself to take care of yourself.


Naturopathic physician who is educating people about their health in order to empower them to practice self care.