Stop treating pathology and begin improving physiology!

The primary approach in our heath care system is to treat the pathologic changes that have taken place in your body rather than treating the physiologic cause of it. We are continually seduced by the reductionistic model that forces us to find the single variable that is causing the majority of our health issues. This is will always be a dead end road.

What we need to begin looking at is understanding the reason why the physiology changes into pathology. A concept that I often tell my patients is that your body is doing everything that it is suppose to be doing given the environment that it is functioning in. If you are having high blood pressure, you are having it for a reason. If you are having headaches, you are having them for a reason. If you have cancer, you have it for a reason. The body and mind will make symptoms occur as an outlet for the imbalanced state of physiology that is occurring within. If you use suppressive therapy to shut down these outlets, expect that there will be a larger and more problematic response that takes place.  The last thing that you want to do once you receive information that your body has moved into a pathologic state, is to lose sight of why and how you got there. If this happens, your quality of life will begin decreasing at a increased rate.

We need to begin taking a greater holistic approach when it comes to healthcare. Understanding the need to remove the obstacles that prevent healing from happening is the first objective. This is not found in a herb, a vitamin or a drug. It is found in the doctor patient relationship that becomes the primary treating tool. Be cautious of the fast food medicine movement (i.e. Zoomcare) that is occurring as this will only move us further into a reductionistic model.

Take the initiative to invest in your health by investing in a quality doctor patient relationship where the focus is on improving physiology rather than treating pathology. It will serve you well.




Naturopathic physician who is educating people about their health in order to empower them to practice self care.