Prioritzie your health, invest in food!

I was doing my wellness class the other day and touched on the idea of how much we spend as Americans on our most important medicine, food! As a nation we spend the least amount of our income on our grocery bill. We have become accustomed to this idea that food should be cheap.  Here is the hard truth, our food is cheap because our government subsidizes cheap food and this cheap food is made up mostly of carbohydrate. And what is carbohydrate, it is sugar.  If you look around at the foods that are in the Standard American Diet (SAD, yes it is sad 🙁 ) they are comprised mostly of cheap carbs, mainly corn, rice and potato.  I encourage you to begin investing in your health by making the quality of food you buy a priority.

Here is your health tip- start simple, begin cooking whole foods and shop the outer isles of the grocery store.

This is a link to check out a graph on how much Americans spend in regrards to other nations.

Keep breathing,  Dr. Buttler

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