You can feel better! But be ok putting in the work

This post is a reminder to all my patients and really anyone out there who is working on their health. Improvement can and will happen as long as you walk down the right path. And yes walk, not run. When you are hurting there is a natural inclination to want to feel better and if you start making the appropriate changes in your self care routine you will feel better.

There is a common phenomenon in healing, sometimes things can get worse before they get better. This often distracts individuals from what they are trying to achieve.   I know that it is hard to make changes and give up things that you seemingly enjoy. What if the choices you are making are contributing to your current state of health? What if you could change those choices? And what if those changes began a journey towards a better life? I like to call that the “buy in”. People have to “buy in” that they have control over their health. You determine the direction that your life will go. If you continue to do the same thing, the same thing will happen. If you change something, something will change.

Our medical community needs to stop assuming that people are broken and cannot be fixed. There is this assumption that you have this predestined path within your health based on your genetics, which is not influenced by anything outside of you. That is wrong! Every choice you make influences your current state of health. Every belief you have influences your current state of health. You can heal if you choose to do something different. But remember to walk and not run. Be patient with yourself. Be OK feeling vulnerable and outside your comfort zone: this is the only way you will understand the impact of your choices and how they play into your current state of health.



Naturopathic physician who is educating people about their health in order to empower them to practice self care.