How to Cook Real Food: An Online Cooking Class

How to Cook Real Food: An Online Cooking Class

Posted: 16 May 2010 09:13 PM PDT

Over the last few weeks, you may have noticed a distinct decline in the number of posts here at Nourished Kitchen.  Don’t worry, it’s because I’ve been busy – super busy – with an exciting new project: an online cooking class.  After hearing over and over again from readers who needed an simple, but thorough way to better incorporate local foods and back-to-basics, traditional cooking into their kitchens, I began work on How to Cook Real Food, which is scheduled to launch on June 1st.  If you’ve read Nourished Kitchen for any length of time, or participated in our recent 28-day challenge, you know what a great value I place on whole, traditional natural foods, but this knowledge has taken me several years to master, and it’s always a constant process of learning, evaluating and re-evaluating.

The blog here at Nourished Kitchen offers a glimpse into my passion for real food and natural cooking – and a peek into the work my husband and I accomplish as farmers market managers, but as yet – aside from weekly recipes – there really hasn’t been an opportunity for me to truly reach out to readers and teach them the basic approaches that I take in cooking from scratch using the bounty of my local foodshed.  That’s why I’m so very excited about this new project – with an online, multimedia approach we will take a comprehensive and thorough look at learning how to cook traditional, real foods from scratch in ways that meet your family’s needs and preferences as well as the seasonal bounty and availability of foods in your area.(…)
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