The wrong direction we are taking with cancer

As you might be aware, Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU just received a large sum of money from Phil Knight in hopes that it would be matched in order to expand the cancer research currently going on.  While this is seemingly very exciting, it is going to drive us further down a hole that will be even harder to come out of.

Our conventional approach to cancer (as well as other chronic health conditions) is moving us away from any sustainable and lasting long term treatment options. The current research that is being investigated has to do with finding the elusive enzyme, cell or gene that is causing the carcinogenic effect. As we have witnessed in the past several decades, this approach leads us to new discoveries that carry with them a promise that never appears to be successfully achieved (we have not found one single “cure” to any chronic illness). The apparent benefit that is created by our current conventional cancer treatments does not outweigh the harm that is caused by the side effects. Convention treatment essentially creates a massive immune suppression that shuts down all life and vitality within the body’s physiologic function.  This is a stark contrast to what we are designed to do. When there is disease happening within the body, our system is designed to increase function to overcome the adversity. But you have to work with the body rather than against the body in order for this to take place.

We are losing the “fight” against cancer because the reality is that we are only fighting ourselves. Cancer is an immune system overload. Once the body becomes overloaded with stress and toxicity, the immune cells can no longer keep our cancer cells in check (yes we all have cancer cells in our body’s all the time).The cure is not found in a new chemotherapy drug or a new medical procedure.  The cure is found in your ability to begin unloading the unnecessary burden (physical and emotional) that is stagnating your body function.

I truly believe that “we know not what we do” when it comes to our current health care system and until we can step back and understand the simplicity of health, we will continue to waste large sums of money in the quest to find the unattainable “cure”.


Naturopathic physician who is educating people about their health in order to empower them to practice self care.