A look at Male Infertility- Increasing Sperm Count and Motility

A look at Male Infertility- Increasing Sperm Count and Motility

Sperm motility and sperm count are two important aspects of male infertility.  Both of these values are given during a routine semen analysis when a man suspects he may have fertility issues. It is important to keep in mind that these values have a range and both are important when trying to correct infertility.
When a man is challenged with infertility, there are several different areas of his health that need to be addressed.  The first area is looking at any preexisting conditions that may be contributing to his infertility. These include conditions such as testicular varicosities and endocrine disorders.  Both of these conditions are large contributors to male infertility.
The next step is to look at the person’s lifestyle.  Caffeine, alcohol and smoking are some of the major lifestyle contributors to infertility.  It is also important to assess nutrition, exercise, and daily stress which all play into the health of a man’s sperm.  Helping men change their lifestyle patterns is a huge aspect of giving them ability to conceive.
There are many different medications and supplements in the healthcare system that attempt to increase a man’s sperm count and motility.  From my own personal research and clinical experience, I have found the following to be the most successful: Zinc- 30mg twice a day, Vitamin E- 800i.u. twice a day, L- Carnitine- 400mg twice a day.  These supplements are specifically geared at providing adequate nutrition to the testicles in their production of semen.
When working with a man to help him achieve optimal reproductive health, we must take a holistic approach.  We have to address all areas of his health while using medicine that supports his body and his physiology.  Naturopathic physicians are experts in the field of addressing conditions such as male infertility.  If you or someone you know has an issue with this condition, it would be in your best interests to seek the care of a naturopathic physician.

Jesse Buttler, ND

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