Why are you not being told the truth about your health by your doctor?

I find that there is a big dis-service being done in medicine every day with patients.  People are not being told the truth about their health.  They are not being given a very clear and concise understanding of how they got to where they are and the likelihood of where they are going unless something changes.  There is a complacency (acceptance) that is moving through our healthcare system  and it is one of expectation that as you age you should be fatigued, you should be overweight, you should have high blood pressure, you should be in pain, you should get cancer. This is absolutely not the case. Remember though that you are suppose to age. Do not fight it, embrace it, otherwise you will suffer more.

It is true that as you age things change and there is a slow breakdown of function within your body. Your physiology though is prepared to manage this in a very graceful way.  You have these self regulating reactions within your body directed by the  immune system. You get cut, your skin heals. You catch a virus, you create a cough and runny nose to eliminate it. You have cancer cells that start to grow out of control, your white blood cells eat them up. These reactions are meant to deal with the aging changes that take place and help you progress through your life with very minimal suffering. But, when you begin overloading your body’s physiology through poor lifestyle decisions (such as food/drink choices, stress management choices) there is no other choice by the immune system except to begin focusing its priority on these decisions.  It can no longer prioritize managing the day to day function that occurs through the aging process because it is focused now on the more immediate concerns created by the poor lifestyle choices. As this overload begins to take place in your body, your physiology has to start managing the overload in the best way it can. This results in symptoms. Such as fatigue, increased weight, high blood pressure, chronic pain and really every other complaint that you or your loved ones maybe suffering from. What typically happens in healthcare is then we suppress these symptoms with medications or we use supplements to try and treat the symptoms “naturally”. If this process continues to occur, it is a one way ticket to chronic illness (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, neurological disease).

This cascade of events that I talk about above is the true cause of all illness that you suffer from, that we all suffer from.  There is not this broken piece in you that is causing all your problems. You are not broke. You do not need medications to treat your symptoms.   You do not need the latest supplement to make you lose weight or increase your energy. What you need to do is start changing.  You have the power within you to change and you have to start asking your doctor to tell you the truth about what the cause is of your health concerns. I ask you not to assume that just because everyone else around you has disease, that you should be dealing with disease. Take a step today and begin doing something different.  Wonderful things can happen.


Naturopathic physician who is educating people about their health in order to empower them to practice self care.