How to treat the flu!

This season’s flu seems to be hitting quite a few people, and keeping them down for a number of days. Below I will outline a protocol that will help address and improve your immune system’s ability to move through these acute reactions without the use of suppressive medications.

I also want to remind you that how you treat yourself when you are acutely sick has a major impact on your long-term health. You want to avoid the use of fever reducers, OTC pain relievers, antibiotics, steroids, etc… There is a time and place for these treatments, but you need to understand that if you suppress the immune system’s reaction to an acute illness, you will in essence “rob Peter to pay Paul.”  Your immune system builds its functional capacity through having acute illness in the body. The outlined protocol below is a non-suppressive option to treat acute illness, such as the flu.

I do recommend that you followup with your physician to monitor your symptoms, independent of what options you use to treat yourself.

Flu Protocol

Castor oil- apply over chest and neck 4 x per day, cover with a cotton flannel. Leave flannel on for at least 1 hour.

Hydrotherapy- take a wash cloth/hand towel, get wet with cold water (wring it out so it is damp, not wet): apply over the chest and/or throat. Cover yourself with a warm blanket and let your body warm the cold cloth. It should take about 1 hour to change the temperature of the cold application and heat it through. Re-apply cold application and do this through the day, alternating with applying flannel/castor oil over chest.

Vitamin D- 20,000IU (do not take Vitamin D with soybean oil) 3x per day

Probiotics- HMF Replete (or other HMF brand) 1 tsp (/1 capsule) 3 x day

Nutrients/Supplements-  ImmunoPlus 2 caps 3x per day,  Gammadyn Cu-Au-Ag 1 tab 3x per day

Homeopathy- Unda numbers #2 and #15: 5 drops 6 times per day.  Add in additional numbers for respiratory system (#5, #27, #220: 5 drops, 6 times per day) or for gastrointestinal system (#3, #50: 5 drops 6 times per day) as needed.

You can nebulize the Unda numbers for the respiratory system if you are moving towards bronchitis or pneumonia.  You would nebulize 2 tsp of saline with 10 drops of each Unda number. You can also add Lobelia plex (orally), 10 drops, 3 x per day for added respiratory support. I recommend to nebulize 3-4x per day.

Cell salts- add Ferrum phosphoricum 3 tabs 4x per day to help with fever. Natrium Muriaticum 3 tabs 4x per day to help with kidney elimination during acute illness.

Homeopathic single remedies- these are very specific, given the types of symptoms that you are dealing with. You could consult a naturopath for help with this, or research on your own to find remedies. Usually you want to look for 2 remedies to alternate between.

Diet- do not eat while you are sick. This is important, because it takes a lot of energy to digest your food. Just stay hydrated. Drink herbal tea (non-caffeinated); Traditional Medicinals makes some great immune-supporting teas. If you are hungry, drink broth. Bieler’s Broth is also great to drink while you are sick. Check out the recipe below:


Bieler’s Broth

PURPOSE: For restoring alkaline reserves and improving liver and immune function.


* zucchini squash

* green beans

* celery

* parsley

* Extra virgin olive oil -or- unsalted organic butter. Sea salt for taste

* Clean, chemical-free water

  1. Cut up equal amounts of zucchini squash, green beans (frozen or fresh (better) and celery (chop celery 1/2 inch or less to eliminate stringiness).
  1. Steam until soft using clean water (distilled – or – reverse-osmosis and carbon filtered) in a porcelain or stainless steel pot. Do not use aluminum or copper cookware.
  1. Fill blender 1/2 full with the vegetables and the water used for steaming. Add a small handful of chopped raw parsley.Blend to a consistency of pea soup (or as desired).
  1. Add small amount of unsalted organic raw butter or extra virgin olive oil.Add a pinch of sea salt to taste.

For variety and to suit your own taste, try adding garlic, onions, cayenne pepper, ginger, herbs, etc.




Remember that we build immunity through being acutely sick. Do not rush things when working to get better. Take time to rest and nourish your body, as this will pay you back many times over in the future.



Naturopathic physician who is educating people about their health in order to empower them to practice self care.