Addressing the cause of disease is hard, but well worth it.

I thought I would write a few words on the topic of treating the cause of disease rather than focusing on the symptoms. To often the focus of health care is on finding the next best drug or procedure (there is a new one for treating high blood pressure where you cut the nerves that are coming out of the kidney that affect the heart) that will make the symptoms go away or make the numbers better. Health should be more about you and less about the numbers. You are the most important part of your health care, not your lab values and not your symptoms.

We make health care very complex and detailed when the reality is we need to be simplifying things more. You have the ability to change your health and create the quality of life that you are looking for. The questions lies in what you are willing to change to make that happen. Everything that you need to heal is right there, you just have to remove the obstacles that are presenting themselves. If you begin focusing on what those obstacles are and take action steps to change them, guess what, your health begins to change. This is not rocket science or should I say medical science. This is about empowering you to understand cause and effect and know that you have the power to the create the health that you desire. STOP TREATING THE SYMPTOMS OF CHRONIC ILLNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a action step that you can take- Reduce your stress by not worrying about things you can not change. There is a saying that goes “there is your business, there is others business and there is God’s (Nature’s) business”. Worry about your business, as this is the only thing you have control over.

Reducing stress, decreases cortisol levels, decreased cortisol levels means decreased inflammation, decreased inflammation means decreased catabolism (break down), decreased break down means better quality and quantity of life.

Dr. Buttler, your natural medicine expert.


Naturopathic physician who is educating people about their health in order to empower them to practice self care.