“I have been seeing Dr Buttler for over a year now. He is a wonderful doctor. From the get go he was very attentive to my health story and the issues I was dealing with. He was patient and kind. He was also bold and pointed about a plan to get me on a healthy track. I have implemented all of his advice in my daily life and I am better for doing it. I appreciate all he has helped me with and am also very thankful for his friendly and gracious staff.” -R.B.

“I can’t rave enough about Dr. Buttler and his staff, Carol and Shannon. They are friendly, kind, professional, and knowledgeable. I started seeing Dr. Buttler a year ago for my severe hay fever/allergy problems. He was referred to me by a very close friend who was also a patient. I had seen her amazing transformation for her health issues and thought, okay, I’m going to do it! And am I ever glad I did! Allergy season is upon us and I am allergy free! His program works! I am so thankful he is in this profession, he is truly gifted.” -T.C.

“Dr. Buttler has taught me that only I can change my life. It is the most empowering lesson I have learned. What Dr. Buttler can do is offer the tools, support and wisdom for understanding and applying this lesson.

Dr. Buttler showed me that my life is a story composed of my own beliefs. And in my story I was always the victim. I was comfortable here in this space because it was safe. I was safe being the victim because within that story I was not accountable. I was addicted to feeling safe, because the other side of this space was vulnerability, something I feared. My addiction to this safe space only further entrenched my victim based beliefs as being true. Within my story of victim mentality, it was impossible to grow. As the author of my story, I was my own limiting factor. I was a slave to my own impulsive desires to be comfortable and my fear of being vulnerable.

It was only when Dr. Buttler became a part of my story that I was able to embrace my beliefs and to see them as they truly are. They are not truth, they are not static. Beliefs are dynamic. Once I understood the role of my own beliefs within my story, my life also became dynamic. Dr. Buttler taught me that being vulnerable does not mean that you are not ok, that you are not still safe.

Dr. Buttler, Carol, and Shannon have given me the greatest opportunity of my life. They have given me the opportunity to live the story that I always wanted to create, but had believed was impossible. And they can for you, too!” -S.W.

“Dr Buttler has brought me from a state of exhaustion and chronic sickness to the best state of wellness i have had in years. Through a blood test he found i had sugar diabetes. He changed my diet and, with regular exercise I have lost excess weight i have had for years. My energy level is up and my memory has improved. I have never felt better.” -D.H.

“Dr. Jesse is unlike any Dr you will ever go to. He is compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental. He explains how everything effects your health and how it all ties together. He supports your wins and your setbacks and never makes you feel like you failed. He helped my whole family to leave the aches and pains of daily life behind and start enjoying each day. When I started with Dr. Jesse I was facing the rest of my life on coumadin, I am now coumadin free and healthier than I have ever been.” -C.W.

“I have been a patient at Northwest Natural Medicine for nearly two years. I was referred to Dr Buttler by my Aunt Becci who was taking insulin for her type II Diabetes. Dr. Buttler helped her get off her insulin and her meds.. so that was very intriguing! I started my journey with Dr. Buttler to reduce the stress in my life and I have enjoyed great results! Dr. Buttler interprets your blood work and comes up with a specific plan just for you. He is patient, kind, available to answer questions, genuinely cares for his clients, listens, and takes all the time necessary to make his patients feel comfortable, validated and cared for. If you are ready to change your health through nutrition and other natural means.. to get off the prescription drugs and free yourself , make an appointment with Dr. Buttler. He treats the cause of symptoms.. not just the symptoms.” -H.L.

“I began my journey with natural medicine almost two years ago. Since I have a pretty good handle on nutrition, I didn’t really consider seeing a naturopath. I have always suffered with anxiety and a family member referred me to Dr. Buttler. I learned from Dr. Buttler that you can eat well- and that is good, but stress will really take it’s toll on your body- regardless of what you eat. I have been working with Dr. Buttler to change the way I handle stress and have had wonderful results. I have learned so much with Dr. Buttler’s help. I would recommend Dr. Buttler to anyone. He is kind, professional and genuinely cares for each of his patients. He really takes a great deal of time to figure out a precise treatment plan for each individual. He is also great with kids and even helped my daughter stop sucking her thumb (almost over night!). Naturopathic medicine is so wonderful because it treats the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms and you don’t have to take toxic pharmaceuticals. You receive a treatment plan based on your own blood work- which is VERY valuable and will keep you from purchasing all sorts of remedies trying to heal yourself on your own. A naturopathic plan really takes the guess work out of healing.. It works!!” -H.L.

“I would like to let the general public know about Northwest Natural Medicine. I carried out a two day service learning project here for a college course. This was my fist experience at an alternative medicine clinic and I loved it! They are the warmest health staff I have encountered. After a fifty minute interview with Dr. Jesse Butler, I gained a new perspective of a natural approach to health, which was previously obscured by our mainstream, prescription drugs health system. Dr. Jesse Butler is a very knowledgeable physician. He will address your every concern and will be your teacher throughout the process. I recommend him to anyone who is willing to learn and to change.” -O.

“Dr. Buttler has been such a refreshing change from my previous experience with physicians. During my first few months of treatment, he has spent more time talking with me about my overall health than the previous physician that I had for over 10 years. He has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of treatment options for conditions that other doctors could only offer pharmaceuticals or surgery. He understands the total body concept of wellness and has always been very compassionate. Overall, I am very pleased with the treatment programs that he has offered, the attention that I receive from his staff, and the atmosphere at his office. Five stars on all counts!!” -D.