Bunches of fresh herbsNaturopathic medicine is a system of health care that is used to identify¬†and treat the cause of disease. If you are dealing with a health condition or you are experiencing symptoms of disease, working to understand why it is happening in the body is the only way of getting lasting relief and resolution. Too often in medicine the emphasis is placed on your symptoms rather than asking the question of why it’s occurring in the first place.

It’s a misconception to think that you can change a disease process simply by taking medicine (whether it is natural or pharmaceutical) on its own. Healthcare is, first and foremost, about education. Dr. Buttler works with his patients to teach them what they need to do in their lives in order to be healthy. If you are willing to make nutritional and lifestyle changes, our clinic provides you with all the support you need to take control of your health and make sense of your options.