What to expect at my visits

What can I expect at the first visit?
The first visit will consist of a thorough review of your past and present medical history and current health concerns. Dr. Buttler will not typically treat you on the first visit unless you are dealing with an acute health condition.  The first appointment allows Dr. Buttler to get an idea of where you are with your current state of health. After obtaining your health history, you both will discuss the need for updated blood tests or other diagnostics that may be needed. This is also a time for you to see if his approach to healthcare is right for you. Understand that this is a process requiring time and effort on your part. This is essential when accepting to continue with care here. Dr.Buttler’s approach to your health is very different than other doctors you may have seen (Please look under Approach link to read more). He will always take the appropriate amount of time to educate you on what he believes is currently going on with your health and the direction that needs to be taken in order for improvement to occur.
What can I expect on my next visit?
This next appointment is termed your Report of Findings. This visit consists of a thorough review of your updated labs, records, and other diagnostic reports, as well as Dr. Buttler’s assessment and diagnosis based on this information. He will customize your treatment given this information and you will have a chance to review all the recommendations that he has suggested for you. You will typically want to bring along a person of support (a friend, family member, or loved one) to this visit to help encourage you as y ou begin making the necessary changes needed to improve your health.
What can I expect on my follow-up visits?
These visits are structured at working to understand how and why disease or symptoms are expressing within your body. Continued questioning into your health history works to get to the heart of the issue. This is also a time for ongoing support, education, and accountability. All of these aspects are an important part of the process when working to change lifestyle choices that keep the body and mind “stuck” functioning in the same pattern.  Dr.Buttler will regularly refer back to your history and reassess your current state of health to prescribe therapies for improving your state of health and preventing you from regressing back to a state of disease.