Diabetes Treatment

Bunches of fresh herbsThe impact of diabetes is profound and we are not treating people effectively with our current medical model. Our overuse of prescription medications and lack of insight into lifestyle and detoxification, creates a perfect environment to allow the diabetic disease process to continue and debilitate individuals. Through my years in clinical practice, I have created great success with my diabetic patients using a proven formula to not only lower blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels, but set people in motion down a path where they are in control of their health care. Way to many diabetic patients are dependent on our conventional medical system to manage symptoms and deal with side effects of medications. 

 I have outlined below my 3 step approach to addressing diabetes and I am confident that if you are willing to do the work, you can take back control of your health. 

#1- Diagnosis- whether you are coming into the clinic with an already established diagnosis of diabetes or have concerns about developing diabetes, running appropriate lab work to understand where your current state of physiologic functional levels are is an important first step in the healing process. This information provides me with the baseline where you are presently at.

#2- Self Care Lifestyle Routine- once I have the obtained the appropriate information that is needed from a diagnostic standpoint, then I will create a self care lifestyle routine for you to being implementing into your life. Treatments that make up this routine are based around therapies that you “do” rather than therapies that you “take”. I will discuss the necessity of using food as medicine. I will prescribe home treatments that you will do to aid in the detoxification response, discuss a movement plan as well and communicate about other daily routines needed for healing. How you relate to your stress is another significant element that has to be addressed. It is essential that you establish a self care routine in order for the body to begin improving health.

#3- Prescribed Natural Medicines- I often tell my patients that health is not found in the bottle. What is found in the bottle of natural medicines, that help to restore function and aid in detoxification, is time and healing. Time is the fact that natural medicines improve function in the body to make you feel better while you are working to establish your new self care routine. Healing is the fact that certain natural medicines address the underlying cause of disease that have been created in your system. It is important that you use medicines that aid in the restoration of the body rather than medicines that suppress function in the body.

This 3 step formula is the foundation for addressing chronic diabetes. You can prevent progression of this disease, you can heal dysfunction and pathology that accompanies elevated blood sugar and you can regain control of your health.